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Gem Cars Ltd

Hi my name is Gina

Gem Cars Ltd was set up in 2014 whilst I was on maternity leave with our first child.

My husband is mark and he is a qualified auto electrician who owned his own garage with 4 staff for 20 years and has also taught motor vehicle studies at Lincoln college.

We also now have Phil working with us, he was marks apprentice from his old company and came on board with us in 2016 he is also a qualified auto electrician and part of our family.

Over the years our friends and family have always asked us for help finding their new cars.

So as my husband has over 28 years of expertise in the automotive industry it enables us to select the best quality cars, we have over the years helped quite a few of our family members and friends.

As my husband is rather good at finding quality cars, I decided I would like to have a go at selling them whilst on maternity with our first child in 2014 and gem cars was born.

We have all heard the horror stories from friends and family about that bad car they bought from a car dealer who appears to be your best friend when you're buying a car but as soon as there is a problem they become difficult to contact, quite often unhelpful and occasionally very rude.

We have also travelled hundreds of miles to view a car that is just not as described.

So I decided that if we were going to sell cars I wanted to do things differently by creating a family approach to the business, when you arrive to view one of our vehicles we will talk you through the vehicles features and happily answer any questions you may have, we will then leave you alone in a no pressure approach to look round the vehicle, if your children are with you they are welcome to come in and play with our children whilst you look at the vehicle, then if you like the car you can take the car on a test drive and if after the test drive you would like to purchase the car you can leave a deposit and come back another day to collect or if you'd like to take the car on the day we will complete all the paperwork with you.

All our cars are inspected properly and prepared properly before they are advertised so unless they require mot or you require any extras (tow bar, dash cam, rear park, hands free) most cars are ready to drive away on the day.

My husband buys the cars from two local main dealers, most come with full history most come with invoices, all come hpi checked and clear.

None of our cars come from auctions!

He then takes them for a 20-mile road test and if there are any faults he fixes them.

If there are any mechanical faults we take them to a local garage for the repairs, i.e. clutches, cam belts, brakes, wheel bearings, tyres etc. all repairs come with invoices.

If there is any doubt on a cam belt my husband always removes the covers where possible and checks it.

We do a full PDI on the car to check all electrics and levels; the car then goes to the workshop for a thorough check over. When this is complete, it then receives a full valet, we then do a final check over for the advert description, take some photos and advertise the cars.

We are proud to now have many customers that have bought 2 or more vehicles from us and we have had two repeat customers to date that have paid for cars in full before viewing them, when I asked one gentleman why he was prepared to pay in full before viewing his reply was "I know what your all about and I know what to expect I will see you on Saturday to collect the car"

We include 3 months warranty with all eligible cars sold at the advertised price and we have managed to secure a very good trade price with the best warranty company in the uk called warranty wise they have a 95% satisfaction rate and the policies start from £40 with aa cover included, this gives you peace of mind and the ability to use a garage local to you to get any repairs included in your policy done during your warranty cover, the policies can also be extended and upgraded should you desire.

Over the last three years we have sold over 1000 cars with only 4 complaints to date which we dealt with as fairly as possible, this is something we are very proud of and hope to continue for many years to come.

We are a family business with family values and we pride ourselves in putting customer satisfaction first and profit second.

We are only interested in a hassle free life selling good cars.

When you come to view you are welcome to bring, the AA, the RAC, your mate, your dad, your mechanic or indeed all of them and you can spend as long as you like checking, inspecting and test driving the car we are insured for accompanied demonstrations so you don't need any insurance.

Our aim is to offer a better level of service than you would receive at a main dealer but at the same time offer all the facilities, guarantees and warranties that you expect from a main dealer, we will also try our best to make buying a car from us a stress free experience and we hope you will enjoy your visit.

We also make very good tea and coffee and occasionally we even get the biscuit tin out!


Gina Applewhite